Less talk, more do

I have no home.

No, I’m not homeless, but I don’t feel I belong in any one specific place. I’m a wandering soul. A restless spirit. A searching nomad. And I’m terrible at pretending to be poetic.

I have a traveler’s heart. My dream is to see and experience the world in its entirety. I refuse to be limited to my native land and culture. Not that I don’t love America; I can be as patriotic as the next. But I know there’s much more to life than my red, white and blue backyard.

My problem, however, is that I always say I’m going to travel, when I really need to just do.

So I’ve decided to stop talking and start going. I’ve made it my goal to travel abroad to a new location at least once each year.

It may seem like a lofty ambition, especially since I’m running on the budget of a small-town newspaper reporter, but I’m told I’m hardheaded and when I want something, I’ll go after it.

Someday I would like to make a career out of travel and writing, but for now this blog will keep me accountable and remind me of my goals. My vision for this website is to motivate myself and others to pack their bags and travel. Along with detailing my journeys near and far, I aim to provide content to engage my readers, which will include tips, reviews, recommendations, videos and highlights of my adventures. I encourage feedback, criticism and comments as well as donations.

I’m already planning my first international trip for next year. Stick around to find out if I actually go.


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