Moving to Brazil?

My evening reading material has shifted from my beautifully bare passport to the thickness of my Lonely Planet Brazil travel guide. So far, I’ve only finished the Rio de Janeiro City section – which barely made a dent in this behemoth of a book – and only teased myself with the first few pages of The Amazon.
First impressions: I have yet to visit Brazil, but I already don’t want to leave.

Thanks to LP, I went to bed last night seriously considering the pros and cons of a permanent relocation.

Pros: Beaches, mountains, seemingly non-stop parties all over the country (especially around Carnaval), a rainforest so vast and mysterious it just blows my mind thinking about, and new things to do and discover every day in such a small part of the world.

Cons: … let me get back to you on that one.

Maybe I’m looking at it from a naïve foreigner’s point of view. I know Brazil is not without its own struggles and controversies, but then again, show me a part of the world that is. But the more I read about this country, the more I want to experience it on a deeper level than a two-week sightsee.

And it’s not just Rio that captivates me. I would love to live in an Amazonian state. The entire ecosystem and its relationship with the rest of the world is incredible.


photo credit: m24instudio via photopin cc

Did you know that the Amazon River dumps 300 million liters of water into
the ocean every second? The rainforest is responsible for most of the planet’s air and water needs, not to mention the number of natural resources it provides hidden within its jungles. Despite the negative effects of deforestation, 80 percent of the rainforest is still intact and untouched – the threat is still very real but that’s a whole other blog post.

I digress.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll find a job working for a Brazilian newspaper or magazine. I mean, I am on the road to Português fluency – I promise I will begin my weekly progress report later this week. Maybe I’ll buy a second home there, but that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon as I’m a newspaper reporter with a very Americana lifestyle.

I would love to hear from expats on the subject. Despite my lust for travel and adventures abroad, I’ve never thought to leave the good ole USA.

It’s possible that I’m all talk and no walk and that I’m just itching for my Brazilian Spring Break. We’ll see boys.

On a side note: The guidebook itself is great so far. I haven’t tested it in action yet but it’s very detailed, well-written and intriguing with history bits, facts, addresses and tips. It’s definitely proved helpful in my trip planning. I have the e-book but am really considering purchasing a physical copy to mark up and have handy. Highly recommended right now; I’ll let you know if that opinion changes.


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