Two years in Colorado

One of the first photos I took after my move. It's still just as gorgeous now as it was then.

I can’t really say what I expected when I moved to Ouray, Colorado two years ago. All I knew was that this was an opportunity for me to make good on my childhood promise that I would one day leave the beaches I’ve always known. Looking back on my 24 months in the mountains, the one thing I will say is that I don’t regret it. I keep trying to think of a moment where I’ve been disappointed in my decision, but nothing comes to mind.

There are things I occasionally miss and wish I could have back: my best friends and roommates and our Maxipad, the option to go out and interact with people my age, warm weather in December and mid-winter beach trips, not spending at least an hour shoveling snow or scraping ice from my windshield. However, the trade-offs I’ve experienced since my move have made it worthwhile: standing on a mountaintop 14,000+ feet in the clouds, scurrying up frozen waterfalls, finding a like-minded and adventurous spirit companion on a pig farm, meeting so many faces from all over the world. Sometimes I think about what my life would’ve been if I stayed in my comfort zone, and then I immediately become grateful for my penchant for adventure.

What may have seemed like a ballsy and potentially irresponsible move to take up an offer from a Craigslist ad in a foreign land turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Now that I think about it, moving to Colorado on a slight whim is probably one of the most (if not the most) reckless major things I’ve done and I believe I’m seeing the rewards of that giant leap of faith.

Sometimes what we need most in life is a period where we get lost in the wilderness. These last couple of years in the mountain have taught me a tremendous amount of lessons about myself and the world around me.

Like any twentysomething, I don’t really know where I’m going but I am happy with where I’m at. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of how blessed I am with my life and I thank God for the experiences and opportunities he’s dealt me in these mountains.

Cheers, Colorado. It’s been a great two years and I look forward to even more adventures together.


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