Life is meant to be lived and I’m living it.

Are you?



Named after a white dude and a Filipino mama, Sheridan Block is the 20-something creative genius behind this sometimes operating blog. Born and raised in the depths of hell (known to the rest of the world as Florida), Sheridan now lives in the arctic regions of Southwest Colorado in the San Juan Mountains where she writes for the local newspaper in a town of 1,000. She is a very no-nonsense individual who takes life seriously.

If you believed that statement, we’ve got a lot of work to do on you, kid.

Yes, my name is Sheridan Block and yes, I used a play on my name for the blog (formerly known as “A Block Abroad” … I’m so full of it). I lived in Florida for 23 years before jumping at the first job offer in Colorado which I found on Craigslist. I have an unquenchable thirst for travel and beer and a voracious appetite for adventure and burritos. If you asked my dog (and understood him), he would tell you I’m hilarious, loving and the next Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

But enough about me, let’s talk about my website.

Sheridan’s Blocks is my diary of sorts. My ultimate goal is to travel to at least one foreign country every year (eventually, even more) and write about my experiences with the people, culture and sights. But even though I want to travel the world, I also believe that there’s just as much excitement in my own backyard which I don’t have to shell out so much cash for. So I started up this blog as a way to motivate and encourage me toward my absolute goal of traveling while reminding me to keep an open mind and appreciate the country around me.

It’s a blog that helps me and helps you.

I believe in open-mindedness and action. Life is meant to be lived and living is not a passive act. If I can inspire or move someone through the written accounts of my experiences, then I think I’ve accomplished my life’s purpose.

The true goal of this blog is to remind people to not take life so seriously and to get out and appreciate the world around them. Whether it be a backpacking adventure abroad or joining a local club and meeting new people, life is an adventure waiting to happen.

Oh, and I also post about random thoughts and experiences because I’m assuming you’ll want to read about them.


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