Committing to compost

IMGP5751If you ask my mom, she’ll tell you that I was very much the tomboy growing up. I would sweat playing basketball, catch lizards and lovebugs in the backyard and drown myself in Cheetos and Mountain Dew while playing video games with my brother and his friends. Despite all that, I’m very particular when it comes to gross things, like old food.

It’s not necessarily spoiled or rotten foods, but things like apple cores and dinner remains left on a plate for a half hour give me the heebie jeebies.

Which makes perfect sense when I tell you that I’ve decided to try composting.

To be honest, I’ve always thought composting was a weird and slightly disgusting thing to do. I’ve always heard that it is good for plants and the environment, but the idea of letting food rot in a bucket for some time and then dumping it all over the food I’m growing to eat just made my stomach turn. But since I’ve committed myself to a garden this year, I figured it might be worthwhile (and entertaining for you) to commit myself completely and join in this weird world of composting.