A bump in the road

It pains me to admit it, but I’m a flaky person.

As mentioned so many times before, I intend to make Brazil the first stop of my travel adventures. Only a few months ago, I was eagerly touting an adventure-packed Brazilian Spring Break this March/April; however, it looks like that’s not going to happen.



Q&A: Clayton in Kenya

I’ve decided to try something different this week that I hope you all will enjoy.

A Block Abroad is a travel, adventure and cultural experience blog. Through this blog, I hope to encourage others — and myself — to seek out and experience life outside of your comfort zone. Even though a majority of the blog will contain my journeys and thoughts about traveling, I think another way to encourage an adventurous lifestyle is to hear stories and experiences from others every once in awhile.

My brother Clayton Block recently traveled to East Africa on a mission trip. And being the kind of person who wants to know every little detail about someone else’s experiences, I asked him to be the guinea pig for this segment of my blog.

So here we go. A Q&A with my brother on his time in Africa.


The dreaded travel “b-word”: Budgeting


There are planners, savers and money-conscious travelers and then there’s me.

I am a newspaper reporter; a member of a dying breed. With that in mind, I am by no means wealthy and able to afford a luxurious vacation abroad. However, because I’m also bullheaded and will do anything to get what I really want, I’m planning my first trip abroad to Brazil, the most expensive country in South America.

I’m going to need a travel budget.